the power of BootIT NG

By dzjunction
Jun 26, 2006
  1. hoping someone with BootIT NG experirence can assist.

    im about to give the thing a whirl.

    i've watched the online video tutorials and feel pretty good to go.

    is there any real difference between partitioning with a 3rd party like bootIT NG or doing it from a fresh install from window's installation procedure?

    1. basically does bootIT change the MBR and EMBR so that its no different than if it were set that way from the beginning?

    2. if i have xp and bootIT NG on HD 1, then i use bootIT NG to add another OS to my 2nd HD, then i want to format HD1, which means i will get rid of the old XP and bootIT NG.... would that work?

    is there any tieing connections to these swaps/resizes/changes?

    3. is the new XP on HD2 identical to how it would be if i installed it by hand?

    if so, then a utility like this can be so conveinent.... something that controls and overlooks the OS, i could technically never have to do another manual install everytime something gets dirty again

    let me know, thanks!
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