the sims 2, failed to find compatible graphics adaptor

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Dec 27, 2006
  1. ok, so youve probable herd this one a thousand times right? i got the sims 2 for christmas, and i was so exited to play it. so i go home, install the game. everything seams to be working fine, until i launch the game. "directx failed to find compatible graphics adaptor" or something like that. anyways, i have an "intel(R) 81820 Graphics controller (microsoft corparation)" graphics card. now i no that i can go out and buy a new graphics card, or even a new pc, but i just want to play the freakin game! PLEASE HELP ME. what i want to know is, what is the cheapest and easiest way for me to be able to play the game? Help would be greatly appreciated!

    ya, and i also downloaded directx 9.0c twice, so i no thats not the problem
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  3. joeiskool24

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    i already did that test thingy and i didnt pass. i was below minimum\
  4. Rik

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    Well thats why it wont work then!!
  5. joeiskool24

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    i no why it wont work, i just want to no the cheapest and easiest way to fix the problem.
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    The best thing to do is find out what kind of slots your PC has and get a cheap 3d accelerator for the game. This would yield the best results.

    Also, some people with integrated graphics have been able to play the game in windowed mode, but this is very slow.

    You can try windowed mode by right-clicking on the icon, select Properties then in the Target line, at the very end outside any quotes add a -w

    Make sure there is a space before the -w you add.

    Now try double-clicking the icon to launch and cross your fingers.
  7. joeiskool24

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    thanx sharkfood, this sucks i uninstalled the game after it didnt work, but its installing now (about 80% done) and im gonna try out the -w thing and hope it works. i dont wanna go buy a 3d accelerator right now but if this doesnt work i goin to best buy tonight anyways. thanx again
  8. joeiskool24

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    damn! didnt work., maybe i need the driver update i didnt try that. does any1 no the site?? i have an hp pavillion6736
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