the sims deluxe edition

By JJweedsk8@comca
Sep 15, 2006
  1. i have recently installed the sims along with the vacation and house party pack, i played for about an hour quit and went back to it. After i put in the cd-rom the autoplay comes up, i push play game. The game wants to start and the first couple of times it says "cannot find sims directory" or somthing of that nature. so i tried resarting the computer twice, now not even a message just returns to desktop. after reading forums i tried to uninstall sims. nope, wont let me tells me to insert disc 2 so i insert disc 2 and it tells me it is not the correct disc and aborts unistallation. i tried every disc in its place. i have a brand new HP i know its not the drivers and i was just playing it with no problem. is there a way to manually uninstall? can anyone help me? is the sims that useless? and does anyone have a asprin?
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