The Voltages Please Help... :(

By saurabhvarma
Jul 30, 2005
  1. Hi all,
    PC Configuration:
    Processor:AMD Athlon 64 ADA3000DAA4BP (Model Number: 3000+; Frequency (MHz): 1800; L2 Cache Size: 512KB; Socket: Socket 939; Stepping: E3; Manufacturing Tech (CMOS): 90nm SOI; Wattage (W): 67; System Bus (MHz): 2000; Core Voltage: 1.35-1.4v)
    Motherboard: ASUS A8N-E
    Graphics Card: ATI RADEON X300 SE (GV-RX30S128D)
    RAM: Simmtronics 512 MB DDR Double Bank
    PSU: Colorsit (450 W with double fan)
    DVD ROM: 1 LG
    CD Writer: 1 LG
    Floppy Drive: 1 Samsung
    HDD: 1 Hitachi SATA 80 GB

    Well ASUS Probe shows the following readings
    12v -> 11.774v
    3.3 -> 3.24v
    5.0 -> 4.95
    vCore -> 1.392v
    all i want to know is wheter these voltage reading are they all fine (major concern is 12v, where it shows 11.774v)
    Also my motherboard has a feature for overclocking AI NOS and AI Overclocking. It doesnt overclock my PC and freezes while loading windows is overclocked upto 10%. (when using AI NOS Technology no issue under AI Overclocking)
    CPU temprature (normal): 44 C
    Motherboard Temprature (normal): 44 C
    CPU Temprature (100% CPU Usage): 51 C
    Motehrboard Temprature (100% CPU Usage): 45 C to 46 C
    hence wanted to know is these tempratures are fine (Room Temprature: 38 C)

    When Overclocked 10 % (Using AI Overclock)
    12v -> 11.664v
    3.3 -> 3.2v
    5.0 -> 4.9v
    CPU Temp (100% Usage): 57-58 C
    Motherboard Temp (100% Usage): 47-48 C
    Is the above given data normal???
    Please Reply ASAP...
    (PS: The Computer doesnot freeze during regular operation; BIOS is having the latest updates as on website)
    Coz if my PSU is broken i'll get it exchanged coz its under warranty
    (Also please someone explain me the relevance of each voltage)
    Though I checked the voltages in the 4 pin connector using a multimeter its 11.96-12.0v and 5.0-5.05v also in the 24 pin connector all the voltages are all well only in -12.0v it gives -11.5v
    Thanking You
  2. a64-gamer

    a64-gamer TS Rookie

    a64 voltage

    i too have an a64 in asoltek sl-k8tpro-939 board,my bios and most
    programs,cpu-z,sandra,and my bios say the voltage is 1.392.the a64
    winchester is supposed to be 1.44 volts.i have upped the voltage to
    my chip in the bios to 1.450volts,now they all report the voltage as
    1.44volts.idont know why the voltage is low stock,idont know if the
    board is supplying the wrong voltage or what.

    anyone have any ideas?
    my system is
    a64 3000+ winnie
    1gb ddr400 generic(nanya i think)
    2x120gb hitachi sata raid0
    club3d geforce 6800 128mb vanilla(good card) :hotbounce
    2x3540a with bios changed
    audigy 2zs
    ralink wi-fi card
    550 watt 30amp 12volt rail psu
    19" ilyama crt
  3. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    i'd expect soltek to throw in low-quality and innaccurate sensorage...
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