Thermal pad in dimension 2300

By groovemaster1
Aug 29, 2006
  1. Can I remove the thermal pad in the heatsink in my dimension 2300 & replace with just thermal grease???
    See, I'm using a codegen 350W psu & the system would boot & then 10 mins later it will start beeping & then a constant beeping sound......& I have to reset, but when I boot again.....same prob!!!
    So I was thinking since the codegen don't have the 3.3V sense wire in the 11th pin in the power to the MOBO (I think the original dell has the brown & orange wire in the 11th pin)the cpu is overheating & wants to shutdown but can't & starts beeping!!!! BTW, I'm just guessing!!!

    So can I remove the factory thermal pad & grease. I'm going to use Manhattan CPU Thermal grease (The store didn't have artic silver)

    One more thing..... I'm using another cpu fan (It's actually a case fan) & I don't think it has a high RPM but it blows alot of warm air out the case, can this cause a prob too?

    Also can I put the fan to blow into the case on the heatsink (As the dimension 4700)?

    I actually gave up on this system a while now but every morning as I open my eyes..........there it is staring back, along with a dimension 2100
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    I don't think the beep codes will help because it starts off beeping real quick & then a constant BEEEEEEEEEEEP until I turn it off!!!
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