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Jun 13, 2005
  1. hey wassup guys i was wondering, has anyone that gets to read it ;) have in the past or currently have used a thermal right xp-90? i want some opinions and suggestions on it if anyone has any info. Thanx. Very much appreciated. Right now my cpu is at 43C and goes up to 50C max from time to time. Can anyone confirm that it will help lower this temp? Well, anything at all about this heatsinker will be great.

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  2. ripken204

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    it is the BEST heatsink on the market, definetly get itm make sure u dont get the copper version, its vry heavy and can bend/brake the mobo

    u need but a fan for it tho, get a panaflo ultra high speed
  3. AtK SpAdE

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    And do you have any facts to support your statement? Any prior expericnce?

    What heatsink do you currently have? Switching to a higher rated heatsink can help bring down the temps, no doubt. Make sure that the thermal paste application is done right.

  4. CMH

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    After checking some sites (including some German sites), it does seem like the XP-90 is the best around. Unfortunately, these tests does not inlclude the much larger heatsinks (such as the Tt Beetle, Silentower, etc) and only the smaller ones around its size.

    Not to mention it doesn't include watercooling systems neither.

    But from what I read, the Xp-90 is a good heatsink, assuming you have installed it properly, with good thermalpaste....

    Remember to get a fan with that (does the fan come included?), such a high fin density heatsink probably doesn't fare well without a fan. 120mm fans are pretty quiet, and they do move huge amounts of air.
  5. soudlous

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    whoa update , well

    i have this
    p4 3.0 ghz
    asus p4c 800 deluxe
    2gb ram 400 mhz 3200
    19 inch lcd 1280 x 1024 @ 75

    the heatsinker i was using was the one that cam with the cpu, retail intel stock heatsinker and fan, i was getting 130 F when just checking emails, writing on forums and talking at aim and playing music at once, i'm in the US sorry for my lack of celsius skills. I bought the xp-90 aluminum , not copper, since the copper was heavier, more dangerous and only slightly better, like 2 degree difference from the reviews i read. Guess What! whoa what a difference, i'm using a stupid 1675 rpm fan, which im gong to upgrade to a panasonic panaflo 92mm since that's the size the heatsinker takes. but with this crap i'm still lowered it 25 degrees to 105 F. I think this heatsinker is awesome and recommend it. Especially with the panaflo. I will update this when i get the panaflo fans in and put it on. I'm currently logging everyday a few hours to see how the temp rises and lowers while i do my activities. If anyone is interested in seeing the results let me know. I will def conjure something up for people to see.
  6. ripken204

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    this heatsink does not come with a fan, get a panaflo 92mm ultra high speed
  7. soudlous

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    dang dudes, i don't know what to say, but i got that panaflo ultra high speed and it's CRAZY. i got a 92mm one for the processor, three more for the whole case. Dude, the temperature of the whole computer dropped 15 degrees more BUT now my computer sounds like a 747 engine. does anyone know of anything to help with the sound? lol, so currently here are my statistics.

    While playing guild wars, running winamp, aim, and thunderbird email program at the same time.

    Idle and
    running just winamp, or just word, or aim and winamp, or word and winamp.
    Cpu Temperature : 36C/96F
    motherboard Temperature: 25C/77F
  8. AtK SpAdE

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    Here ya go

    You can get some programs to help with fan speed, but the best bet would be to get a fan controller card, like the ones found here
    Intead of running all of those apps to get a full can use CPU burn-in, which will run you CPU at 100%load to test your temps. It can be found here

  9. hackerneeds

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    I use the Zalman (in signature) for one of my CPU's and it is real nice. You can find it for around $30 if you search Sharkalacomputers is where I got mine. If you are ready for extreme cooling get the XP-90 Aluminum or the ultimate XP-90C (more expensive and heavy - needs extra support on motherboard). I purchased the XP-90 retail for under $40 total from with a fan included. It took my CPU from 33*C idle/50*C load with Zalman to 29*C/40*C. Sweet! and stable under loads while overclocking.

    Good stuff :knock:

    PS you don't have to have a wind tunnel/"volcano"/freight-train of a fan on the XP-90 to get good colling - consider a quiet fan like mine, I can't even hear it! (and look at my temps)
  10. ripken204

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  11. CMH

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    I didn't catch that someone recommended the panaflo ultra high speed or I'd have warned about the noise problem.....

    Its the noisiest around, not to mention that you got another 3 for the casing.....

    You can't really dampen the noise, if might help if you get couple of foam pads, cut and use that to absorb some of the noise. But most of the noise are coming from the blades, so I'd think its not going to help much, if at all.

    getting a fan controller card will reduce the noise, but at the expense of the fan speed, so if you're going to do that, you'd be better off with the slower fans. Of course getting the fan controller will let you control the speed, increasing it when you need to only.
  12. ripken204

    ripken204 TS Rookie Posts: 139

    i recommended it, but get a fan controller
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