Things To Do when upgrading to XP from 98SE ??

By macx
Sep 12, 2005
  1. I've just read thru a number of the recent posts about people having problems installing XP.

    I'm not very computer literate, although I have upgraded or installed various software and hardware, an am now building my new computer with ASUS mobo and P4.

    I plan to swap over my existing HD and PC Cards.

    First, sounds like I would be wise to copy my entire HD over to another one as a backup w/Drive2Drive.

    But - then what?

    Do I install XP without first uninstalling SE, or ??

    Also, when installing my new mobo in the new case, etc,
    should I start it up and configure everything before
    I hook it up to my HD?

    Thanks so much for any info!

    I'm so thankful I found this Board - have been looking for
    a source of info for things like this for some time. Info with hardware and esp. w/applications never go into these kinds of things.
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