think'in bout.....reformatting drive?

By not_4(.SALE.)10
Jan 19, 2006
  1. i have alot of problems with my computer that i have manage to fix but theres alot of those problems who have left peices of there dead bodies glued to my comp. not to mention the virus i had that i sort of can't get rid of, yes still (im sort slow). im thinking of just a-bombing my computer and starting new the rest of you i have alot of things on it

    i need some tips for restoring my computer and then again whats the fastest way to get all my information back.

    i have installed a wireless-g, new graphics card, on my computer and have comcast what will happen to those?

    (first time restoring comp) need tips and info period from experienced people!
  2. pcaceit

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    Restoration and persistent virus cure

    Hi there, Well the Virus you cant get rid of is probably in your system restore folder so it gets reactivated every time the system reads the system restore folder. could also be in your paging file. You need to use an offline tool like Mini pe xt. this is an operating system that runs from a cd or dvd. use the Comander chich is usually the last icon in the taskbar. delete system restore folder, delete pagefile.sys empty the recycle bin. use Avast tools to clean up registry and internet traces, then use the vopt defragmenter. all are on the disk and will look like a bit like windows so its user friendly. then use shutdown option (eject cd's and reboot) remove the cd/dvd. windows will boot and hopefully your system will be fresh again.

    find the software Mini PExt on or use google and search "Download Mini PExt).

    Have fun experimenting
  3. not_4(.SALE.)10

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    can't find what your talking about

    can't find what your talking about about both things the Mini pe xt and the
    Comander chich
  4. pcaceit

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    Sorry" typing error "Comander which will give you access to files on your Hdd"

    will find them and post the links shortly.
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