Thinkpad T22 randomly powers up

By milky
May 20, 2006
  1. Strange problem with this IBM Thinkpad T22, Type 2647-4EU. When I received it, it would not power up at all. Press the power button and just get a very quick flash of the HD led. Then I disconnected the power adapter, removed the battery, removed the CMOS battery, then put them back in, plugged it in, and voila! It powered up and booted fine. I then shut it down and went to start it up again and was back to the same problem.

    Now I removed the batteries again, removed the keyboard, cleaned out any dust, made sure all connections to mobo were solid, put it back together with brand new CMOS battery, voila! Powered up again. this time I tried a soft reboot and was successful a few times until I shut down completely then tried to power up again and was back to the same problem :mad: (No power at all, just a quick flash of the HD led, no matter how many times I press the power button, with or without battery pack). btw-power adapter seems good, because when it powers up, it stays powered up, and when it doesn't power up, battery charging light works.

    Now I took apart the entire laptop. Everything - memory, cpu, mobo, etc.. Made sure everything was clean, seated properly, connections good. Put everything back together and, voila! Powered up again and booted fine. Soft rebooted no problem, then shut down completely and back to where I started. Just a quick flash of HD led when pressing power button.

    Could it be the Power Button itself (integrated into the keyboard)?
    Is the Motherboard shot?
    How could it work sometimes? (seems to work when I remove major components and put back together, but just removing batteries and keyboard, doesn't do it anymore)
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