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This hardware good for gaming

By cashblingbling · 4 replies
Sep 24, 2007
  1. Is this desktop good for gaming or if not can yall recommend me a good one for gaming at circuitcity.


    Are from these 2 video cards which is a better card for gaming or if these arent good can yall recommend me a good card for gaming at circuitcity..Thanks


  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Circuit City is in servere financial trouble, and has laid off a number of their staff. Nobody knows how reliable their support or warranty will be.

    I would not get a Compaq Presario without a long warranty... and that one has only one year.
    Both video cards are OK, but they may put a great deal of extra stress on the system, particularly the power supply. I would want a minimum of 500 Watt power supply with 24 amps or higher output... and more is better.
  3. TimeParadoX

    TimeParadoX TS Rookie Posts: 2,273

    I agree, Circuit City is doing bad at the moment and are just trying to sell anything so they lowered all the prices from Very high to almost nothing :haha:

    Do you live in the US or somewhere else?

    If you live in the US you can try www.newegg.com for parts to build a computer or buy a prebuilt from there that are pretty good for the price they have.

    If you live in Canada then you can try www.TigerDirect.ca ( I think that's it, don't remember )
  4. cashblingbling

    cashblingbling TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 77

    then can yall recommend me the best graphic card without having to upgrade the power supply , it has a PCI express slot
  5. I would suggest getting a Dell that matches your needs for computing. This way you can choose the parts that get put into your PC. - http://www.dell.com/content/products/productdetails.aspx/xpsdt_410?c=us&cs=19&l=en&s=dhs

    - This should be adequate:

    Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E6700 (4MB L2 Cache,2.66GHz,1066 FSB)
    OPERATING SYSTEM Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium
    MEMORY 2GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz - 2 DIMMs edit
    HARD DRIVE 500GB Serial ATA 3Gb/s Hard Drive (7200RPM) w/DataBurst Cache™
    OPTICAL DRIVE Single Drive: 16X CD/DVD burner (DVD+/-RW) w/double layer write capability
    MONITORS 19 inch SE198WFP Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor
    VIDEO CARD 768MB nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX
    SOUND CARD Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio
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