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This is my intro

By GodAmIt
May 12, 2008
  1. What's going on guys and gals?? I've come here to learn, and to maybe even throw some knowledge out there. I started my computer/desktop experience back in the early days, when Mac Plus' were out, along with the old 286 (I believe), and then slowly became more indoctrinated in PCs. I won't say I have a preferential OS, since I've used most of them, and each have their own pros and cons..

    I earned my MCSA for Win2k back in 2001 (including A+ and Net+), and since, got away from any SysAd/NetAd support. For my military job, I do basic hardware maintenance, system building and general troubleshooting.. I'm at a tough point with my laptop, since I can't get XP to load.. A good friend suggested that I try to load Win2k on it first, and if that takes, just do the upgrade to XP.. I'll see if that works..

    Hope I learn something..

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