This is what's new in Windows 10's upcoming April 2020 update


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It's funny watching Microsoft slowly re-introduce all the Windows 7 features. Just think of the time and effort they could have saved by sticking with a common sense UI paradigm. Heck, they should really go all the way back to Vista and bring back the classic start menu option and sidebar. That's where they peaked and even they know it.

Errrrrr, as far as I recall NONE of these were in Windows 7.


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I don't understand why is so freakin' hard for Microsoft to make a modular Windows. Just make a BASE Windows without any bloatware on it then add modules that can be installed or uninstalled individually. Currently after I install Windows on a computer I own, I need to manually remove all Windows features I know I will never use, stop indexing service that is totally useless to me, uninstall windows games, etc.. There is no need to have all crap installed on a machine that needs to do only 3-4 specific tasks, or on one that will rely on totally different programs and never use Microsoft sh**.
It would also serve to make Microsoft's store more interesting because people will be searching for ways to bloat up their installs. They're more than happy to do it themselves. But just for the things they're interested in.