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Dec 19, 2003
  1. My roommate and I have recently bought some new products and have been benchmarking them just using 3dmark03, just to see how we perform against each other.

    Emachines Athlon 2800+
    512mb PC2700
    PNY Verto 5700 Ultra

    HP Pentium 4 2.26ghz
    1000mb PC2100
    BFG 5700 Ultra

    His score 3659

    My Score 3649

    I have no point...I wanted to see if anyone else did...based on the scores...or not...

    I have overclocked to a score of 3987.

    He has overclocked to a score of 4003.

    Fun Stuff.
  2. schizoid77

    schizoid77 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 113

    Oh yeah...we're both using the ForceWare 53.03 drivers ;-)
  3. AgentX

    AgentX TS Rookie Posts: 17

    Yea those FX5700U's are very nice little cards, Im surprised your scores are so similar, since he has a faster cpu and ram, have you used 3dmark01SE yet? Also you might want to see if you see what happens to your scores using an older version of drivers, a lot of people are saying theyre faster than forceware.
  4. PreservedSwine

    PreservedSwine TS Rookie Posts: 325

    It's not surprising you scores are within 1% of eachother.

    3DM03 is a GPU bench, NOT a system bench. Since you both have the same GPU w/ the same drivers, your scores are virtually identical.

    Try running 3DM01, that will give a more of a difference:grinthumb
  5. Josiiah

    Josiiah TS Rookie

    Well, if your interested. My barton 2500@3200, 512MB PC3200, 9700PRO rig put out about aproximatly 16000 on 3dmark 2001 and 5000 in 3dmark 2003. The tests were done a while ago so I forget the exact numbrers. but both were so close to being even that I aproximated. detailed specs are in my profile. I tweaked my system for proformance/quality but nothing too over the top.
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