This pc cant run games 60fps only some games

Hello every one icant get 60fps in ultra setting full HD why?

I have i7 7700 working with 4 GHZ frequency(no I did not overclock it)
16 Gb ram
GTX 1070 asus founders edition
im using high speed HDMI cable
my monitor refresh is 60hz
every spec I mentioned I just bought around 2 month ago
but I cant get 60 fps some times it drops to 22 for examples ghost recon wildlands in ultra setting full hd
it usualy run in 47 or 55 max and in some places drop to 22
in rise of tomb raider I always get 38 to 40 fps max in ultra setting why is that
my hard drive is 2T 128 buffer cache and I runing my windows in ssd
my motherboard is Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd.
Model Z270X-UD3-CF (U3E1)
I just cant understand my monitor refresh is 60hz and in some games when I turn of vsync my fps go higher but not more than 60 fps max(some games only like quantum break but nothing happens in rise of tomb raider. ) for example I read this graphic card can run games above 90 fps
in full HD but max I get is 60 why ? please help I getting crazy .


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As you can see, TechPowerUp's 1070 got 47 fps too.

Are you sure you don't have Vsync turned on in the Nvidia control panel? Do you use a program like Precision X or MSI Afterburner? They have frame limit settings too. You don't want your card running higher than your refresh rate, so your goal should be to stay at 60 fps. Consider backing down the settings on a few key settings (like shadows and SSAO) from Ultra to high - you won't even notice the difference.

Instead of asking random strangers here, you should be emailing Asus tech support- maybe your card has a problem.