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I'm on ABOUT a $500 ... (not inc tax and not REALLY that low) ... budget, but that isn't SOLID though if I find something worth breaking my budget OR YOU suggest that I will be very happy with a particular item and I'd have to break my budget. I'm also trying to sell an old HP Pavilion just to generate a few extra bucks.

And I don't want to sound like I'm complaining so don't take it like that, but I'm in a wheelchair which is WHY I have to do work that I can sit down in, and I DO spend A LOT of time in front of my PC... so MY PC is very important to me... which is why I'm asking for your help with this.. AND I think (if you read the very end of this post) .. I have a fun way for you to help me out.

Now, I want to do multimedia and a BIT of gaming. I'm going in to Media Design (maybe even GAME DESIGN itself) in school next year (this is why I need a new machine) ... so I need to be able to (for example) run TWO extremely CPU intensive apps at the same time.. like a multitrack mixer and a track editor (so I know I'm pretty much having to go with the duel core).


I already have a case (the simple black anatec one everyone else bought when it came out in '02) ... and they just have to put in a new PSU for me for the 64 bit mobo. I also already have piles of disk drives and a DVD writer that is just fine.

So now I'm PRETTY sure that I want to go with a DUEL CORE because I'll need it for my multimedia work. And I'm very familier with the ASUS products already so I'd probably just want to stick with them (but if there is something less expensive that is MORE suited to my work then please suggest it). RAM I do not BELIEVE is an issue though I could be wrong but I was just going to go with the basic 1g.

After I've picked my chip and board up... all I need to do is pick a graphics card and a sound card for my multimedia work.. and yes, I understand that with my budget I'm trying to put together a pro machine and its difficult to do that. But my basic idea is that since I'm just a starter multimedia artist, and not a pro, I don't NEED the PRO version of what a pro would use (and pay for) ... right NOW anyways...

... so what I'm trying to do is get the smaller/cheaper version of the machine I would WANT to own when I got out of school and was working. The baby version of the monster I would get when I'm really working.

I know, its hard with my budget, but don't forget that I'm in Canada and I'm going to get taxed to death when I buy this.


... can you help me configure the...

1) Chip (Preferably DUEL CORE but if that is what is driving up my price too high all the time, then I THINK I can deal with single for now though I may regreat that)
2) Mobo (there are some odd chipsets out there now.. why do ATI and NVidea have chipsets... does that mean I don't need the card anymore.. and if I AM going to get a Radon X-card of some type, then can't I save money but NOT getting a board with the onboard stuff?)
3) RAM (was just going to go generic 1gig providing it works)
4) Video card (is it REALLY needed in some of these mobos these days that have the integrated stuff otoh... isn't the integrated stuff not that good and shouldn't I just get a "plain" mobo with lots of slots and buy cards instead - I DO plan on buying a VIDEO card... so... well.. see #2)
5) Sound card (cheapest that I can attach a MIDI piano to later or I'll do that more seriously... and again... see #2)
6) PSU How much power am I going to need? Sometimes because I have SO MANY USB things plugged ... I think I already run low on power.

A) SO... all I'm asking YOU GUYS to help me with is deciding on the best motherboard and chipset platform to work everything else off of and IF I should even bother in some cases getting the cards if integrated chips if I DO PLAN on buying an ATI PCI-E video card and (insert brand) sound card anyways. I've NOT been keeping track of this stuff much anymore (just only have time for so many "tech" hobbies) ... so I just do not know what my best bang for the buck is.

B) The reason I say that I have a budget of $500 is because[/b] of the tax (horrible up here) and because I know damn well that the end result is going to be over that estimate anyways. So that isn't REALLY all I have to spend its just that I have to be careful when it starts to get to that amount of money... because when the taxes, and extras like the warrenty are applied... everything goes up a lot higher then I DO have the money for (and I will have to borrow I'm sure so I don't want to borrow too much).

Thanks guys.. I'm going to be like basically hanging out here for the next 48 hours or so reading old posts and threads just like this one to see (I've already started) ... what you've told other people in the past.



PS: If I use/buy your quote ... because you can make a quote on the page then post the URL here for me in this thread... then I'll give you the credit for it in my system sig. ;)



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i would go with an intel core2 duo processor, asus 680i motherboard, and at least a gig of corsair DDR2 800 ram, in dual channel config. i reccomend two smaller hard drives as apposed to one big one, so you could run them in a fast raid 0 array. raid 0 combines the capacities of the disks involved, so two 160GB drives would give you single 320GB volume. as for the power supply...go with a name brand (that's important for pretty much all computer parts) known for quality, such as antec or PC power & cooling.

if you get a single video card, i would say get the antec neopower 550w, which is quiet, efficient, and supports modular cabling.

as for the USB usage you mentioned, your USB controller (mobo) is going to be the limiting factor in determining how much power can be drawn.

i would edit your post and remove your email address, this is a public webpage and can be viewed by anyone.
Thanks Zep!

But I NEED to go AMD... it just keeps the price down in general.

AND... I don't need the drives... I forgot to mention that I guess. I do have a decent machine (for 5 years ago) ... so I have the drives and I need to go AMD.



.... please help me from making a mistake guys... this machine has to last me awhile and I have to use it 24/7.

EVERYTHING I do, involves my PC use... so it needs to work well. I can't have issues with it... I'll have projects for school due and my own work and projects to do... and I'll want to game to relax.

SO ANYWAYS... need a good base to work from. And you ARE right about the PSU... yeah... I'll need a good strong one for sure.

So yeah, I just need to be told which MOBO to go with... OR REALLY... I have a lot of questions...

... like maybe is there a good combination of a mobo and video card out there that go together like peanut butter a chocolet?

I am reading reviews and magazines, so its not like I'm not doing the work I'm suppose to be doing... I just - hell I'm like this with any buy - I need someone to tell me that I'm making the right decision when I put down the money... and not the sales person. Its probably because I use to be in sales.

Again, thanks for the help ya'll.



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any good quality AMD 64 X2 CPU line will work fine.... I am partial to MSI motherboards. You can recycle the rest of your parts. The 64 X2 series are dual core.

That should get you in budget.


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Tedster says he is partial to MSI boards but I personally prefer ASUS boards, I own 2 now and have had several and none have given me any trouble.


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i wouldn't go with the crossfire platform, stick with an nforce4 mobo. a core2 duo system wouldn't have a price too different from your link, Vis Major.
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