This transforming gamepad caters to your individual play style

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Recap: Before the Nintendo 64, most mainstream video game console makers (Atari excluded) stuck to a pretty standard template when designing their controllers. You’d have the directional pad on the left, action buttons on the right and perhaps a couple of shoulder buttons up top with a menu button or two in the center. That all changed with the introduction of the N64, which added a third grip and an analog joystick to the equation. Sony followed suit a few years later with its DualShock controller, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The placement of the analog stick(s), however, has varied over the years. What's correct, or rather, what do you prefer? Fortunately, you do have options.

The Gyro Controller Pro Wireless from Cyber Gadget utilizes a modular control pad that allows the left analog stick to either be symmetrically or asymmetrically positioned in relation to the right-side stick. The controller, which appears to be compatible with the Nintendo Switch and Windows PCs, also comes with replacement sticks of varying heights and triggers for use with expansion buttons on the rear of the pad.

There’s also a built-in accelerometer for use with select Switch games that support the functionality, and support for custom macros.

The idea isn’t entirely original as Thrustmaster put out a similar transforming controller a while back, but it’s still nice to have options when shopping.

The Gyro Controller Pro Wireless doesn’t have a suggested retail price although Tiny Cartridge seems to believe it’ll command around $70.

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What I want is a Sega Genesis 6-button gamepad layout with the now obligatory dual sticks with shoulder and trigger buttons.


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This controller might look interesting, but not at $70 and not when it's only wireless. Wireless controllers, no matter how well built and refined, still have an unacceptable level of latency. Pass


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Complete ripoff of an already made quality controller. Thrustmaster makes a controller that does this already, hello lawsuit.