THUG 2 wont work

By ausome
Jul 25, 2006
  1. Hey everyone.
    So I bought THUG 2 and wanted to play it on the family computer. But when I went to play it wouldnt and said something about turning the graphics up to full aceleration! the computer specs: Asus A7N266-VM
    AMD 2400+
    the other stuff doesnt matter.
    I have to use the onboard video card as our Radeon 9200se was getting viruses through using it.

    any help would be appriciated and I would like to know how to turn the graphics up to full in the bios and check if its on full in the windows properties.
  2. danger_mouse

    danger_mouse TS Rookie Posts: 59

    The "other stuff" does matter mate, need to know your ram, because if your only running 256mb and your using onboard graphics then it'll be taking it from your ram!

    Viruses from your graphics card :suspiciou not heard of that 1 before!!!
  3. ausome

    ausome TS Rookie Topic Starter

    aight since youi want it so bad here's the stuff.
    512mb pc2100 ram.

    the other video card was again a radeon 9200 se.
    what was happening was a virus or spyware of some sort
    was gaining access to the computer through the drivers of the
    video card. This was making it so that when ever we turned off
    the computer we could get to the logon screen but it would go into the desktop but instead of loading up the icons it would freeze and nothing would work exept for the alt ctrl del menu thing. which by using brains we could load up the program used for system restore's. and as soon as we took the graphic card out the computer worked fine exept I suspect the motherboard and the harddrive are stuffed but they still work just not quite as well as when we got them! that is all the details I can give you of the problems.
  4. danger_mouse

    danger_mouse TS Rookie Posts: 59

    Have you installed Direct X 9.0c? This is a system requirement!

    I think you may only be running 32mb of graphics via onboard, i know the min spec for the game is 32mb so it should run ok, but you may have to turn it up to 64mb onboard graphics but i aint sure how to do it!

    Hopefully someone else will post.
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