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Apr 25, 2007
  1. I noticed in the new and improved Thunderbird, it does not remove junk mail automatically determined to be junk to the trash or junk mail folder even if settings are determined to do that. It did this in older versions. Is this a known issue?
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    We have not noticed that change on our install.
  3. Tedster

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    I noticed if you mark the mail manually as junk it will junk it, but it does not automatically move the emails- it just marks them as junk.
  4. tostien

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    Thunderbird 2.0 Junkmail Problems

    I have noticed that and other problems with the Thunderbird 2.0 junkmail filter.

    First, it only marks mail as junk and doesn't move it to the junk folder as version 1.5 did.

    Second, the new mail icon in the taskbar gets messed up because of it. It will report that I have new mail sometimes when it is just junk. It also has the message count off. For example, it just told me that I have 12 new messages because it's still counting the junkmail that I deleted.

    Another unrelated feature that would be nice is automatically choosing an SMTP server. I use Thunderbird on my laptop on three different internet providers. On each one, I need to use a different SMTP server and it's no fun each time changing the SMTP server, especially since I use two email accounts and even if I change one, I have to still change the other.
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    yeah. I thought I was right. Thanks for confirming this. Unfortunately, I don't have an account on the mozilla server to report this. I hope others do.
  6. Tedster

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    Found this as an update on the thunderbird site: I think it works. I deleted the older junk folder and created a new one. The new one had the junk icon.


    Problems some people have experienced with Thunderbird's Junk Mail Controls:

    * Thunderbird marks messages as Junk as expected, but it stops moving messages to the Junk folder. Sometimes it starts moving messages again; sometimes some messages are moved but others are not.

    * Manually running junk filters ("Tools -> Run Junk Mail Controls on Folder") works as expected, including moving all messages marked as Junk to the Junk folder.

    * The Junk Mail Log ("Tools -> Junk Mail Controls -> Junk Mail Log") may erroneously say the messages have been marked as Junk and moved. (needs to be verified)


    As of 17 November 2004 this problem is a known bug in Thunderbird 0.9 and possibly earlier versions. These solutions have been proposed, but none are verified to always work:

    * Workaround: manually run the junk-mail filter: "Tools -> Run Junk Mail Controls on Folder".

    * Compact the Junk folder.

    * Delete all messages in the Junk folder.

    * Turn off junk mail logging. Go to: "Tools -> Junk Mail Controls...", click the "Junk Mail Log" button, uncheck the "Enable the Junk Mail Log" checkbox. Try to flag an e-mail as Junk and see if it works. [Note: you can re-enable the logging after this.]

    * Not for users with limited computer skills: close Thunderbird, find your profile folder and delete the "Junk.msf" file. WARNING: Deleting the wrong file can cause loss of your e-mail.

    * Not for users with limited computer skills: close Thunderbird, find your profile folder and delete the "Junk" file and "Junk.msf" file. Create a new, empty "Junk" file. WARNING: All messages in the Junk folder will be irrevocably lost. Deleting the wrong file can cause loss of other messages. (To be on the safe side, just rename "Junk" and "Junk.msf" to "OldJunk" and "OldJunk.msf".)

    * Not for users with limited computer skills: I found the problem in the account folder: there was not the "Junk" file and there was a folder named Junk. I've deleted the folder Junk and i've created a file named Junk and the problem was solved. Hope is helpful.

    * If you created any filters that mark target messages as junk: Be sure to include the additonal action of "Move Message to" "Junk on <account>". (During the download process, Junk Controls will only move messages to Junk that *it* - Junk Controls - marks as junk.)"
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