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Jan 30, 2008
  1. hey this is brandini. everything i know about computers i tought myself. i had a laptop and got left alone in strange places for long periods of time, the laptop was my only escape. and now one of the only reasons im here is to unlock my dell latitude Cpi. i locked it up about 4 years ago. its been in storage and now i want unlock where it all began. i have documents on that laptop that could never be replaced. i must have them! and hope to retrieve them myself.
    i was messing around in the bios and saw where you could enable an administrator password. and that password wouldnt just unlock windows it unlocked the whole damn computer! and i found that black and white screen VERY PLEASING!!!!! and like i said before i was left in strange places with people i did not know that well. so in fear of not only having my laptop stolen but those documents being found also i put a password on everything i could! just passworded the bios and the hard disk. so please help me!!!!!
    i have read the posts in DELL BIOS PASSWORD REMOVAL FORUM and i get some things on there. but if anyone has suggestions or a solution to my long drugout story or problem could you please give me step by step instructions!!
    i figured if i could recover files i lost on a hard drive that i let strong magnets have there way with i figured i could do this myself without taking it to a PRO! and paying out the ***!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah i forgot the password!!!
  2. kimsland

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    Try one of these master passwords:


    Report back
  3. brandini

    brandini TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i tried those passwords. did not work i think my keyboard may be messed up also so i plugged my pc keyboard in and nothing. thanks though! if you could please try and find a way to help me. or you may know someone!
  4. kimsland

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    Response from Dell
    Thank you for contacting Dell Technical Support. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you. Please note that each Dell portable system has a unique master password. If you have forgotten the password to your system, you must contact our phone based technical support at 800-822-8965. Once connected to a portable support specialist, they will verify ownership of the system and provide you with the correct password.

    Also you may wish to read through these posts (old) (new and presently the current Dell post)

    Also give this link a go:
    This tool will try to generate the master password for you.
  5. brandini

    brandini TS Rookie Topic Starter

    where is the service tag?
  6. kimsland

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    Underneath on the Dell label should say sn or asset tag

    You can also find it in your system bios


    Just noticed we are in the Introduce yourself forum !!!
    That can't be good

    This post will need to be stopped, please refer to the above Dell links for Dell password removal support
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