TI Travel Mate 5300

Oct 14, 2006
  1. After some research based upon a common name, I found Acer Computers bought out Texas Instruments, which had earlier marketed under Tandy brand at Radio Shack. I came upon a Travel Mate 5000 series with Pentium 133 and 1.2 GB HDD, I assumed it might out perform my Toshiba 410 Series I got earlier in the year. I got both of these from the local Goodwill, a charity thrift store.

    The Toshiba has a 700MB HDD, when compressed it didn't leave much, but my first laptop, the IBM PS/Note 425c (color) has only an 80 or 125MB HDD spec. With Win95 that's taking up virtually all the space avail! That quaint IBM from 1993 has a 25MHz 486 processor with 256 color spec. With the Toshiba's I was able to boost output to 600x800 with 8 bit color.

    Anyway, the memory for the IBM was identical to that of an early Desktop HP Pavilion with a Socket 7 CPU! This allows me to get a good amount of memory but stuck with an age old LCD and processor, basically. With the TM5300, the memory has a slot to mate to the board, just below the floppy drive, it resembles the plastic strip on a HDD connector, seperated in the middle. The online manual provided currently from Acer's site mentions a disclaimer against 3rd party memory. I have no idea what type this is or how high it was ever offered. With a 133MHz Pentium, I think a memory boost will help for sure, I could be wrong. It has a 23MB chip and no other space for additions, however, it does have a flat, piggyback style slot akin to Toshiba's 410 series memory, which I also found VERY hard to come by.
    Any advice on what to look for is the basis for this post. This is a bit of a hobby, trying my software on different PCs from the 'junkyard' to show they still have much life left to give... In fact this very laptop came to me with MS' Office 97 Pro Suite! That cost's plenty in and of itself!

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