Tiger Woods ONLINE Play (PS2 - thin console-7000)

By MLBrownewell
Feb 5, 2005
  1. When I use spin control (L2) online my text message keyboard keeps popping up on the screen as to write a tex message. Every time I tap L2 the keyboard pops up - Online Play Only. I've asked around and no one else seems to have this problem. How can I stop it from coming up on the screen when pushing L2? Any help would be great!
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    Tiger Woods problem with screen popping up after hit

    MLBrownewell - did you ever get an answer on how to fix that???? I just got online with TW05 and have been having the same problem for about 1.5 weeks...and I am getting EXTREMELY frustrated!! No one (EA or PS2 customer support) has been able to help me.

    I would VERY much appreciate to hear if you've had any luck. Also, I just got on to this forum...(and have no clue how it works)...so....I would greatly apprecaite if you could reply not only to the board (which I will try to figure out) but also to my email address - u2walk_on@yahoo.com

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