Tim Cook praises China, calls its relationship with Apple "symbiotic"


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Nothing says the joys of capitalism like funding a countries military industrial complex, tech sector, and slave labour from their concentration camps. Corporate Murican Values y'all.
It's not Capitalism, it's Corporatism, which is completely different. It's a real thing, you should look it up and educate yourself. It has nothing to do with Capitalism. Besides, China is a communist country, and they are the ones with legal slaves, starved the most people in the world to death, etc., but who's counting, certainly not the "progressive".


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Tim Cook wants the USA to become communist like China.... he will sing like a parrot all the words of praise for his masters
True communism does bother me but totalitarianism sure as hell does, one is WAY scarier than the other. That's what's scary about China to me. When you can't call your leader "Winnie the Pooh" without getting censored, it's a problem that indicates too many others that can't be spoken of.