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Time for an update

By El_Smee
Apr 17, 2004
  1. As some already may know At The Moment im running a GeForce4 MX4000 and am looking to update I putting a limit on my spending of $400AUD I've been looking at radeons cards more so than geforce's dont know why. Know I'm likeing the look of the Radeon 9600xt 256mb (it come with a free half life 2 voucher)

    Does any 1 know what company are makeing the best radeon 9600xt cards at the moment (plz keep in mind I would like to recive HL 2 free)

    the 9700 pro is a nice card aswel but at this presant time is to expencive $470 - $525 (will this price drop below the $400 mark when Radeon releases its new card???)(is the 9700 that much better and does it come with HL 2???)

    Srry im a bit of a noob when it come to brand names plz forgive.
  2. jcmattern

    jcmattern TS Rookie

    Go to and you should be able to get the new Radeon card for about $350.
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