Tiscali stands up to BPI

By Spike
Jul 13, 2006
  1. UK ISP Tiscali appears to have (quite rightly) given the wonderful people of the BPI (British Phonographic Industry, the UK equivelant to the RIAA) a firm dressing down in response to the BPI's recent reports of 17 IP addresses of Tiscali customers which they allege have been used for copyright infringement. The BPIs letter of the 10th July requested that Tiscali suspend the accounts of all 17 people alleged to have been participating in illegal filesharing, turn those customers details over to the BPI, and enter into a legal agreement with the BPI, obliging Tiscali to do this.

    Tiscali has quickly responded to the BPIs request, stating that while Tiscali firmly stands against the idea of customers using their internet service for illegal activities including copyright infringement, it does not believe that either Tiscali as a company or the BPI as a trade organisation has either the right or obligation to act as "a regulator or law enforcement agency". The implication, of course, is that the BPI has overstepped it's bounds...
    The full text of the Tiscali reply, can be found at The Register

    For now, however, it appears that the BPI is waxing lyrical about the immediate and prompt co-operation of the two ISPs it contacted and how those ISPs will now "face up to their responsibilities on copyright infringement".
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    Note to self:

    Must check the front page before posting news in the forums. lol
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    Hey spike it happens bro lol
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