To Windows 2000 Users only -- NEED ICONS!!

By SharkFiNbowL
Apr 30, 2003
  1. Hi! I'm trying to make my desktop look like Windows 2000, but I really need the Windows 2000 icons -- My Computers, Network Neighbourhood, Recycle Bin, My Documents .. those general ones, if you can, please send the .ico or .jpg of those for me to or attach it here to share with us. Thanks a bunch!!

    This is only to Windows 2000 people, if u need a program to find it. Go to and search Icon Scanner and download that program and click on ur windows folder where all the windows file are stored and u should find it. Save it and send it to me.... thx!
  2. StormBringer

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  3. Rick

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    Very true. You can also get by using "Windows me" icons, which are ironically the same thing.
  4. DigitAlex

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    LOL :haha:

    one of my teachers always answered to all questions : F1 and google are your best friends :p
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