too late dell. we've built our own.

By Row1
Jul 13, 2007
  1. pcworld, neowin, and other sources are carrying the story that dell is gonna drop all of the crapware from certain new computers:,134369-pg,1/article.html

    too late.

    they are acting like they are doing us a favor. it should have been like this years ago.

    this has been my major motivation for building my own computer. i built a couple, then at one point i bought a dell in an online auction auction, for a great price.

    well, the crapware bothered me so much i swore i would never buy someone else's computer again.

    thanks, techspot, for helping all of us out as we avoid the crapware game by building our own computers.

    i just replaced the power supply in the computer i built 3 years ago. basically, that is the only problem that this computer has ever had. you turn it on and it works, and it works well. day after day for years. that's all i want.
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