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Im wanting to modify my case a little. Im going to put a side window on the left case panel and put an exhaust fan at the top of the case in between the power supply and the cd drivers. Obviously this job will mainly involve cutting and sanding so I would like some advice about what tools are the best for this job that are inexpensive and easy to come by.

Also any links to mod websites and guide would be helpful.

Thanks very much.


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I recently put in a side window/side panel fan. I used the following: hand held jig saw(metal cutting blade), 3/8" drill, drill bits, dremel(grinding stone bit and cutoff wheels), and a 3" bimetal holesaw(to cut fan holes quickly/easily).

To buy everything there, it'd be a bit much.
Jig saw was $30us
Drill was about $30 us
Drill bits were about $15 us
dremel $unknown, guess $30-40
Dremel attachments $5
Bimetal holesaw w/ arbor $20

So if you have nothing, it'll be about $130 to get all the tools.
You could get away with only a dremel if you have patience, and don't need perfect results. Dremel's can cut windows, fan holes, etc, just slowly. I guess you can drill with a dremel, but I've never done it. You probably would only need a dremel and a drill+bits.


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wow, vnf4ultra i cant believe you got away with using a saw to make a window! I would never of done that. The saw has friction which makes heat which in turn All it does is run the risk of warping the side. This is what i have always done. Use a dremmel (or small drill) to make a pilot hole, then use a nibbler to make the long cuts. What is a nibbler you say? It is a fancy set of pliers used by metal workers to make ling staight cuts (which is perfect for a window). An example of a niubbler (cheap one) can be found here
Since my dad is a mechanic, he actually has a air nibbler that is alot faster but alot more expensive.

As for sanding, A dremmel would help alot to clean up around the edges, but make sure not to touch the paint of the case, as spot painting is very hard to match.

And as far as nice sites, www.pimprig.com under the guide section. Easy mods like swapping mouse LEDS (which is easy trust me) to a making you PC run under water. (im serious)

Good luck with modding



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Yeah, an air nibbler would be nice, but I haven't had any experience with them to really know. The saw worked great. You mention heat, but I could touch right where I just cut and it was warm, but not really hot. If I'd used a dremel, I'd have permanent burns if I touched where I just cut. I just used a metal cutting blade with a very high tpi(tooth per inch) count. I think it's a lot easier than dremeling a window.

I'd guess a nibbler is very slow, but that's a guess.
Maybe a "nibbler" is what we call "tin snips" here? Or maybe not?


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Hello, thanks for the replies.

Most of th tools stated i have or can borrow off friends so i should be ok. I also got a little dremel style multi tool that should be helpful for finishing the job off. Il let you know when ive finished it.

Thanks again.
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