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By OhioTrucker
Apr 14, 2009
  1. They call me OhioTrucker. I am a computer junkie and try keeping 4 computers going..I am 72 years young and getting younger lol.

    I have 2 E-Machines T 3626 made by Gateway
    W/Windows Vista Home Premium
    X86 Based PC
    AMD Sempron Processor 3800 Mhz 1 Core
    System Directory C:/Windows\System 32
    Phisical Memory 1GB DDR2 Duel Channel
    Hard Drive is 160 GB
    DVD +- RW Super Multi Format Duel Layer Optical Drive
    15 in 1 Memory Reader
    NVIDIA GeForce 6100

    The othe two are Compaque Laptops.

    I am an Administrator on a Social Network and love working on things there
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