Toshiba BIOS screen unknown key command

By Racer1789
Oct 22, 2005
  1. Hi,

    I've just gotten an old Toshiba S300CDS notebook, that doesn't want to work. I'm trying to re-put Windows 95 onto the system (thats how old it is :rolleyes: ) but I can't get into the bios screen to change the boot drive from C: to A:. Me and my dad (whos pretty good with computers) have tried every combination of keys but it doesn't work.

    When started, it asks for a password, so we put that in, and it says 'Invalid system disk, Replace the disk, and then press any key'. If you press Ctrl Alt and Del. it seems to refresh, and if you press Esc. it comes up with the message 'Check System, press F1 to continue'

    Does anyone have any prior knowledge of these computers or just know what the command is?

    Thanks Tom
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