Toshiba Laptop Freezes unless several applications are running

By wollein
Oct 21, 2007
  1. I have Toshiba M45 s269, recently whenever I started up my computer after all of the applications finished loading on start up it would freeze. I kept playing around with it and discovered it doesn't freeze in safe mode, so i thought it was a windows problem. I backed up all of my files and formated the computer and installed a fresh version of windows xp. the same thing still happened. So i kept playing with it and I found out when I run a virus sweep or I watch a dvd the computer wont freeze. ?? I have never heard of anything like that before. So thats how i have been using my laptop since. having a dvd playing in the background, my first question is how can this be fixed or what needs to be replaced.? Second is playing a dvd all the time bad for the laptop, or doing a virus search constantly bad for the computer. Any help is appreciated. Thanks-Andrew
  2. Tmagic650

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    Maybe a video driver problem... This usually happens when many things are running, not the other way around
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