Toshiba Laptop will not stop beeping!

By pommy2
Nov 23, 2007
  1. This toshiba laptop that set me back a whopping $110 has been nothing but trouble. I have reloaded the restore disc 6 times in the past two years! Now the keyboard does not work (I am typing using an external keyboard) and the darn thing just keep beeping! I think it is time to put this thing in the garbage, any ideas?
  2. mscrx

    mscrx TS Rookie Posts: 310

    can you explain 'keep beeping'? does it start beeping the moment you switch it on or when your operation system is loaded or just from time to time while you work with a program or type something?
  3. pommy2

    pommy2 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Toshiba Beeping! Help!

    ...this darn thing is beeping as soon as I turn it on and the screen says "Welcome" and does not stop until I turn it off.
    The keyboard is not working on the laptop either, I am using a external keyboard. I took the back off and cleaned out gobs of dust hoping this would help but the beeping continues. It did help the fan engaging all the time as it was doing before I cleaned it though, so that makes me feel better. any ideas?
  4. mscrx

    mscrx TS Rookie Posts: 310

    can you try to open the cover and take the laptops keyboard out? maybe there is some 'short circuit' with it.
    if everything else, the laptop itself, the software and the devices, work ok... its my best guess at the moment.

    regards, mscrx
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