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Nov 29, 2006
  1. Hi everyone. I came across this site doing some homework on this crappy Toshiba M35x that my girlfriend bought. Anyway the DC jack pin is broken (I know, big shock huh?) and I'm having problems of all things just getting the top case to come off. I got all the screws off that I can see, but it seems in the back were the LCD screen is connected to there's something holding it down on each end. Is there some additional screws I missed? Is it like a "hook" system or like a "plunger"? I don't want to pull on it too hard and break it (then I'll hear the old "I told you so" speech). I've been using both a guitar pick and a tiny flat head screwdriver and it doesn't want to come off. Is there a trick? I looked all over on the internet just about this top case and nothing. Please, please give me some advice! Thank you. =)
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    Ok, I got it. I admit I'm a dummy. I forgot 2 screws in it and it came off. I have another question though. Whats the best way to remove the old DC jack? How do I un-solder the pionts? Any advice is great! Thank you in advance. =)
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    I know this doesnt help you at all! But asking the question about replacing that jack, I think you may be in for an "I told you so speech". I assume you do have a soldering iron right?? If I were you I think I would put it back together and take it to the shop for repair.
  4. order_66

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    And pay anywhere from $150-$200?!?!? No, no, no. Thats not an option my friend. I can do this! I know it!

    -Thank you =)
  5. halo71

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    Well give your post some more time. I am sure there are some folks here that can answer you question. I applaud you spirit though! ;)
  6. order_66

    order_66 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well I did it! All on my own! I thank all the people here reading my cry for help and not responding......THANKS. It's just as well I guess. I found the answer on my own and now when it's fixed like I had it I feel great that I did it on my own! =D Well not all of it.....there was alot of good links on this crappy laptop from this site so I really do thank you guys for that. Take care everyone! Peace! =)
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