Toshiba MK6021GAS trying to repair!

By attention
Aug 6, 2005
  1. I bought a device that allows me to plug this inop HDD into the USB port of my laptop. I can't see the HDD although I see the icon in the lower tray. I found a thread that said to right click my computer and select "manage" and I can see the drive now but how do I get to it? I try troubleshoot that comes with windows that takes me no where.
    I recieved a replacement HDD for my laptop but am just trying a low tech way of seeing if I can get the data off my old HD. The original problem is computer would not boot any more and recieved a new HDD.
    Is there some trick I am missing? Using Windows XP home edition.
  2. attention

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    Restoring a Hard Drive

    I am trying to get a dead hard drive back to life. I have a usb port type device I bought from frys and I plugged it into my laptop. I cannot see the HDD unless I go to my computer and right click and some other things. How or what do I need to do to get the old data off this old drive. (it originally died and would not boot up my laptop, I since have gotten a new hd for the computer).

    Thanks :bounce:
  3. lendo

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    USB Drives

    If you see the drive in the Manage panel but not in my computer than you are seeing it as a diffrenet drive letter. In the manage console change the drive letter and see if it is in my computer
  4. Tedster

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    Possibility that the controller card on the HD is bad. In that case there is no hope. But if you're able to see something through the USB connection, then you might be able to pull some data off. I would try going into disk administrator and try to access the drive there.
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