Overclocking Toshiba Qosmio G20 cooling system problem

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Pls help, Toshiba Qosmio G20 cooling system problem

Last week I bought notebook Toshiba Qosmio G20-106 and the first day I got it it was very slow and I´m getting this error message every 10 minutes or so:

Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected. Please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for service.

I bought it in another country, and I can´t go back just for the service, and servicer in my country doesn´t know what´s causing the problem.

When that message pops up, the processor slows down by 25% and everything works so ridiculously slowly that I can barely get anything done. Then, ever 10 minutes or so, it seems like the fan tries to spin but can't, gives up after a few seconds and tries again.

Did anyone have the same problem here? Is there any advice you could give me? And is there any software application that could force the cpu fan on or that could monitor is wheather the fan is on and check the fan speed?

What is the max temperature of notebook cpu that can be? Processor is Pentium M (Centrino) 1,86GhZ, with 1GB RAM.
hi there

hi there I got the very same problem with my qosmio G10. did you manage to fix the probl? if you did please tell me how to fix it!!


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your thermal detection circuit is either bad or functioning as it should. Perhaps your cooling fan isn't working. Has the servicer actually done anything? Take it to another shop for another opinion. This is a hardware issue.
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