Build a PC Toshiba Satellite 1110 Laptop won't start up...

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Hey all...

I am having problems starting up my laptop

The model is TOSHIBA Satellite 1110

When i start up the laptop, i am receiving a message similar to the one below:

'Realtek Ethernet Controller'
PXE ROM: Unable to Test Media, Check Cable
PXE ROM: Exiting ROM'

That is not the exact message but it is similar to the one i receive...

I have managed to start my computer once since first experiencing this problem but further attempts have failed...

Can anyone please help?

Many thanks,


make sure you are not connected to any network and then boot. the msg is
showing problems with your ethernet connection
Yeah, i have tried with nothing connected to the laptop but it still doesn't work
When i read the ethernet part of the message i tried booting with ethernet actually connected...
That was the ONLY time i've been able to boot but now it wont work even with ethernet connected

Also, does anyone know what settings i would need to change if i actually succeed in booting my laptop??

Many thanks


two approaches;

1) use network connections, right click on the Local Area Connection
and use the REPAIR item

2) delete the Local Area Connection, go to your Device manager and
delete the driver. Reboot and let Windows reinstall it via autoconfig.
Then you can recreate the internet connection using the wizard.
No, i could never get far enough...
I tried to boot it today and the problem seems to have just disappeared now... Thanks for your help...

Problem with Toshiba Satellite 1110!

Hello I found that this happened to my Toshiba Satellite 1110 when I deleted the Hard Drive Partition so it could be a dodgy hard drive or a hard drive failure or you could of deleted the partition using the FDISK option. A simple solution would be to either take the Hard drive out of the machine and put it in an external Hard drive case and backup your data onto a CD or another disc and then Re-install the Operating System (or just use the recovery CD) OR just use the Recovery CD to set it up again!
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