Toshiba Satellite A50 laptop CD/DVD not working

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The CD/DVD Driver in my Satellite A50 Laptop (TEAC DV-W24E) won't read CDs or DVDs and doesn't appear on My Computer, when I checked the hardware, it says that Windows has properly loaded the driver but the hardware cannot be found (code 41). I don't really know what to do, should I consider uninstalling the driver?? thing is I don't know how to reinstall it, and even though I know plenty about PCs, this, for me, has been an issue and I don't know what to do. HELP!!!!

Uh... I guess no one wants to help me in here, or they're having a bad day, since I've seen really nice tips on the other threads. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!


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There is a regedit to fix your issue, frist go to start then run type regedit
click the plus sign next to HKey_local_machine, then click the plus sign next to current_control_set, then click the plus sign next to control, then click the plus sign next to class, then click on the number {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318, then on the right hand side delete the upper and the lower filters, if both are not there then delete waht ever is there, then restarte the computer and the issue will be fixed
Kenny, thank you, I've already found regedit.exe (had a little confusion, not knowing if it was or exe, due to something in the system32) and now I'll do as you said, I'll report later to see if it worked.
I got a bit confused since I didn't type .exe, now I'll check, if you're still there answer please!

hey, on the {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} thing, on the right side it shows the DVD-ROM and CD things, then some stuff like class, enumproppages32, icon, installer32, lowerfilters, noinstall class, silentinstall, troubleshooter32. Should I delete the lowerfilters thing only or all of the mentioned?
Hi , I Have The Same Problem Like Duxx Did But The Diference Is That When I Go To File You Are Saying , Noting Comes Out Ecept For A Program Called "default"..................none Of My Drivers Work, And They Dont Even Come Out In The "mycomputer" Please!!!

Please I Really Need Help About This!!!......the Real Problem Is That No Filter Comes Out.................???
Never Mind Kenny, I Decicded To Restart The Pc Over From The Begining.............thnx For Your Help Anyways, But I Just Got Desperated
Toshiba Satellite DVD drive "disappears"

A Toshiba Satellite M45-S169 laptop was driving me nuts, in that the DVD drive "disappeared" (i.e. it didn't appear as a drive under My Computer and Device Manager said that the driver wasn't installed) after it had been working fine for years. I downloaded the latest driver from the Toshiba website, and the installation appeared to complete successfully, but (even after a reboot) the symptoms were the same. I really doubted that it was a hardware failure, so I went online and found this thread.

Thank you kenny81: you're right, this is a Windows registry problem! However, you omitted the second level in the registry tree to get to where the problem is. For anyone who has this problem with their Toshiba Satellite DVD drive, here are the steps you need to follow to solve it (I just made kenny81's work look prettier):

Click on Start --> Run, enter regedit, and click on the OK button.
Click on the plus sign next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
Click on the plus sign next to SYSTEM.
Click on the plus sign next to CurrentControlSet.
Click on the plus sign next to Control.
Click on the plus sign next to Class.
Click on the plus sign next to 4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318.
Right click on LowerFilters (if it exists) in the Name column and select Delete from the pull-down menu.
Right click on LowerFilters.bak (if it exists) in the Name column and select Delete from the pull-down menu.
Right click on UpperFilters (if it exists) in the Name column and select Delete from the pull-down menu.
Right click on UpperFilters.bak (if it exists) in the Name column and select Delete from the pull-down menu.
Click on File in the top toolbar menu.
Click on Exit in the pull-down menu.
Reboot the system and the problem should be fixed.
Thank you for detailed walkthrough on fixing my 'disapeering drive,' along with Kenny as well for giving the initial fix. I registered just to thank you both, as after two months of downloading drivers, this has been the only thing to work.
I wish I hadn't.

Before you do this...don't. I just did and now my computer doesn't work at all.

I had the same symptoms, cd/dvd drive on my toshiba laptop disappeared. I tried swapping out the drive, which didn't help. I followed the instructions above. In my case there were lots and lots of files labeled 4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318. I went through the folders in each each and deleted the upper/lower filters. (There weren't any upper/lower filters just past the + signs). Now, as I say, it won't even reboot right. The cursor won't move. I keep getting a message that there's a fatal error in the Toshiba powersave program. I can't advance any further.

The help desk at my university says they never recommend going in and editing these registration files unless you really know what you're doing. I've called a repair service and will be receiving a house call tomorrow. I pray that the damage isn't too great.
It works!

Thank you for all of your help. I followed the instructions and sure enough after I restarted my laptop the DVD drive was detected.

The guy who said these instructions don't work commited the ID10t error (*****).
OK So I went to do this and none of those files are there. So my cd-rom drive is still not showing up which in turn is not letting me watch dvd's or burn any cds. What should I do? Thanks for any help you can provide. :D
Thanks CosmicJon - I Googled my problem and this was the first answer to appear. I followed your instructions (very pretty!) and it worked like a charm. As a result, I've registered here and will be looking for some help with a few other glitches in the near future.
Hi, i followed the steps above for deleting the registry entries(There were no .bak files to delete) but no joy. When i rebooted i could see the icon for the cd player but when i clicked on it i got an i/o error occurred. Any other ideas? This is a real pain as you know...
Toshiba Satellite 1905-S301 DVD disappeared

I tried CosmicJon's method, and it didn't work. It did not have a negative impact either, so no loss. I tried swapping out the DVD drive, and loading drivers, to no avail. My bios doesn't even recognize it's installed, so no surprise it doesn't show under my computer. Power is getting to the DVD drive since it runs briefly when I insert a disk and close it.......then nothing.

Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks, I'd appreciate it greatly!
Toshiba Satellite 1905-S301 DVD disappeared

I tried the fix CD Missing from Kimsland, and that didn't work either. Anyone?
problems with DV-W24 driver

cd rom drive disappeared...couldn't reload driver without "corrupt" error...went to Microsoft site and tried "automated Fit-It" and guess what, it fixed it!


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Would a Hijack This deletion prevent these fixes from working?

Nice info! Much appreciated.

Windows Vista Home, Toshiba Satellite.

So I noticed that my DVD drive wasn't working or "reacting" when I put any type of disc into it. I first noticed this a few months ago.

I tried-
-deleting the filter drivers
-uninstalling the driver for the DVD drive in the Device Manager (Which said it's working properly?)
-using the Microsoft Automated "Fix it" feature
-and even installing a new trial version of Win DVD.

But no improvements after restart.

Over time, I have deleted various items after doing Hijack This scans. IF I stupidly deleted anything related to the DVD drive, would they have reloaded after restart? Or did I really mess it up?

I want to use my recovery discs (because it's time to clean things up), but I can't if the DVD drive doesn't work.

Please help. I've tried some things but haven't been able to figure it out.



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Just went back into the registry editor...

I don't see Upper and Lower filter listed anymore.
I don't see any .bat files either.

Here's what it says-

(Default) REG_SZ Computer
Class REG_SZ Computer
Class Desc REG_SZ @%SystemRoot%\System32\SysClass.dll,-3000
Icon Path REG_MULTI_SZ %SystemRoot%\System32\setupapi.dll,-27
Installer32 REG_SZ SysClass.dll,ComputerClassInstaller
NoInstallClass REG_SZ 1

I sense that this is bad. Please help a sad soul.
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