Toshiba Satellite M45-S165 Keyboard Problem

By bdmoore · 35 replies
Jul 31, 2005
  1. I have a Toshiba Satellite M45-S165 Laptop. I have noticed that when I hit the key stroke shift/a or shift/n combination I get an odd outcome. when i am in word, excell or any other programs on my laptop and go to capitalize a or n by using the above key strokes I get an enter or other reaction. Any suggestions???
    shift A = enter in word and outlook
    shift A = jumps up a cell in excell

    Please help!!!!
  2. PanicX

    PanicX TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 669

    You may want to check you have the correct keyboard type specified in the keyboard applet under the control panel.
  3. bdmoore

    bdmoore TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I looked under the control panel and I only have one keyboard and one driver on this laptop
  4. everwell

    everwell TS Rookie

    I have a same problem

    I have an almost same problem. When I type shift/n or shift/b it goes to next line in Word. It shifts UP to next cell in Excel. However, this only happens when I use left SHIFT key. The Right shift key + n or b works OK. Strange :(
    Have you found how to fix your problem? Thank you.

    ps. My PC is the same as yours. Toshiba Satellite M45-S165
  5. halo71

    halo71 TS Rookie Posts: 1,090

    That is stange. I installed a firewall for a guy with the same exact laptop at work. Done it lastnight. It does the same thing you guys descibe! I thought maybe it was just me. He didn't say anything about it acting strange. But his does the same thing in Notepad as well!
  6. everwell

    everwell TS Rookie

    yes, Notepad and Wordpad as well

    My PC does the same thing in Notepad and Wordpad as well.
    Even in browser (Firefox).
  7. gljr

    gljr TS Rookie

    me too :-(

    I purchased my M45-165 on Monday and immediately installined XP Pro.. problem is I don't know if this keyboard issue would have been with the XP Home that was pre-installed.. Toshiba support says they won't help since I upgraded the OS, and now its 50-50 whether this is a hardware or software issue. (same issue y'all have complained about: <Left Shift>A, <Left Shift>N, and <Left Shift>
    | all prepend an <ENTER> - was all the time, now maybe 90%. Toshiba said the service guy would probably charge me if it turns out to be a software issue. I really don't want to reconfigure a second time this week; I'm only 50% done to begin with.. should I just take it back to the retailer?
  8. everwell

    everwell TS Rookie

    My PC update

    Well, actually I demonstrated this keypad problem at Staples where I bought this PC. Eventually Staples offered me to replace with new one (same Toshiba PC) as it past only three weekes since I bought it. So far, this new Toshiba M45-165 has been working without any problems.
  9. kwchan

    kwchan TS Rookie

    It is the Keyboard.

    I had the same problem with the Shift A,N, and sometimes B. My laptop was still under the warranty. I had the keyboard replaced and it works fine now.
  10. ccadkins

    ccadkins TS Rookie

    Same Problem, Same Laptop

    :hotouch: Toshiba told me to contact microsoft and microsoft told me to contact the keyboard manufacturer. Obviously, this is not a one time problem if we're all having it. What do we do?
  11. kbf

    kbf TS Rookie

    Me too- same problem with new Toshiba notebook. Has anyone received a decent answer yet? Or found a simpler solution than having the keyboard replaced? (I am temporarily in Uk and purchased Notebook in Australia - very frustrating!)
  12. Allen Rieland

    Allen Rieland TS Rookie


    I just purchased six of the M45-S165 models for work and five of them had this weird keyboard A/N/| problem. Here's the scoop from Toshiba: They have the older BIOS V1.30 from 6/27/05. View the BIOS version by going into Control Panel in Classic View), then running HWSetup. The latest BIOS V1.50 corrects this problem. Go to and download the latest bios for this model. It's SM43V15.exe, unzip and run it, create the bootable diskette or CD-R (I used the CD method), stick it in the laptop, reboot (forcing reboot from the CD by tapping the "C" key when the Toshiba Logo appears) and watch it happen. Takes 1 minute and the problem goes away...
  13. kbf

    kbf TS Rookie

    Thanks heaps - I have fixed my problem. I had to go to the Australian Toshiba site as we have slightly different models but, thanks to you, I found the updated BIOS file and it installed in seconds. I didn't even need to create CDs or anything complicated!
  14. bpb

    bpb TS Rookie

    I'm having the same trouble and also with "~" and "|". It appears that these two characters and "Shift-A" and "Shift-N" prepend a carriage return.
  15. papalucian

    papalucian TS Rookie

    M45-S165 Satellite Notebook

    I bought my notebook in August 05 and had the same problems as mentioned with the keyboard. I sent it back to Toshiba, they replaced the keyboard and that didn't help. I sent it back and then they updated the BIOS and now ti works fine. I got the notebook back in 4 days after shipping.

  16. giggleface

    giggleface TS Rookie

    same problem - in canada, the toshiba m40 = toshiba m45.

    i have the same problem - the right shift key would give a weird carriage return *|* and the left shift gives a *NB~A*

    the shift key is just plain stuck down occationally!!!

    i thought this was a software / driver conflict, reinstalled Windows, same problem. then i fired up Knoppix - a bootable version of Linux - same problem. then i noticed the keyboard will be stuck at the bios password. this confirms that this is a hardware problem!!!

    sent to toshiba, replaced keyboard and still have the problem...= not a keyboard problem but something more...

    going to send it back to them...hope that they can fix it this time around...
  17. avm

    avm TS Rookie

    My Toshiba M40 gives me similar keyboard problems. I get funny characters like
    when I press the left Shift key and then the keyboard starts behaving abnormally:
    1. it shifts to caps mode, to type lower letters, I have to actually use caps lock.
    2. I cant use the shift key to type in the special characters above the numerals.
    3. clicking on the menu bar gives me a different effect as if the shift key is already pressed while it is not.
    4. I cant select one file or folder as several of them selected at one time.

    and then I give up, shut down the computer (it doesnt restart at this time)
    after some time, the computer starts normally but I am never sure when it will start misbehaving again.
    I read on this board about he bios update, so got mine updated to the 1.7 version from toshiba website (this is the latest one they had for machines with ATI graphics). Dont tell me to take it to Toshiba because I did take it to their authorised service centre in Mumbai and they were of no use.
  18. Wicked Zoot

    Wicked Zoot TS Rookie

    Same Problem - New Thread?

    I have the same problem as the last 2. Is it really the same as the one that started the thread? They look different. Is there a new thread on this one?
  19. Wicked Zoot

    Wicked Zoot TS Rookie

    Did you ever get an answer? I have exactly the same problem. I think it's different from the one at the top of the thread so I started a new one.
  20. sj022698

    sj022698 TS Rookie

    I have the same problem. Can anyone help?
  21. toshiba-m40xGuy

    toshiba-m40xGuy TS Rookie

    I also had the same problem earlier.

    I was able to find a solution.

    Do the following:

    Click Start -> Control Panel
    Click Regional and Language Options
    Click Languages
    Click Details

    Setup Should look like this:
    English (United States) or (Canada)
    US (in Bold)

    I knew it was a software problem.
    Just had to google for it.
    If it works for me, then it should work for everyone. :stickout:
  22. avm

    avm TS Rookie

    i had tried this earlier and it did not help. i think problem maybe with the keyboard hardware and apparently quite a few of us are facing it.....
    i would love to have a solution that does not mess with the hardware but might have to wait. till then, i have been often using an external keyboard. so much for a laptop!
  23. giggleface

    giggleface TS Rookie

    My laptop had the same problem but its finally repaired. Take your M45 to a Toshiba Depot and tell them NOT to replace the keyboard but replace the CONTROL PANEL CIRCUIT for the buttons on the left of the keyboard (the buttons for DVD, Internet, Play, Stop, Power, etc) This should fix the keyboard issue.
  24. // colamädcheñ

    // colamädcheñ TS Rookie


    i had the same problem with my toshiba m40.. yesterday i ran several anti-spyware-programs like lavasoft ad aware and spybot search and destroy.. it found some problems which i deleted and since that my keyboard doesn't make problems anymore, even if i press the shift key for 20 seconds..

    hope it helps someone and sorry for my english
  25. Astanapan

    Astanapan TS Rookie

    I have the same problem in a Toshiba A100-493.

    Suddenly one day, after i installed a TV tuner in a USB port, when i stroke the L-key, backspace was hit too immediatelly.

    I entered BIOS (v.2.0) and checked if I could write "L" there for example in a password and I had the same problems.

    I booted without the TV tuner and it was working fine for some days. (I did that trick 6-7 times).

    Now i don't have the TV tuner on the USB port but still the ptoblem with the L-key remains!
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