Toshiba satellite pro l500 ez1530

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Jun 24, 2010
  1. Hi u all i have this Toshiba satellite pro l500 ez1530 when i turn it on i get this message press f2 go to setup utility, f12 to boot manager . When i press this keys nothing happen
  2. raybay

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    Standard startup choices on all commercial Windows computers. Has your Toshiba always worked this way, or is this a recent event?
    Can you start in <SAFE MODE> by depressing the <F8> key repeatedly. This may enable you to explore settings. Your system may be have turned off the <F2> and <F12> switches, so IF you need them, make changes in Safe Mode.
  3. dudikuff

    dudikuff TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hi Thread

    it dose not respond after the press F2 to setup come the laptop hangs so i can't get to safe mode
  4. raybay

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    To get to Safe mode, press the F8 key when Windows starts to boot. You have to do this BEFORE you see the first "Windows" screen. You can start tapping away as soon as you get by the first BIOS startup screen or the manufacturer's splash screen. Experiment and you'll get it.
    If it is not even able to that, time to buy or borrow a new hard drive to try a clean install... that will tell you whether it is on your system board or peripheral cable, or the hard drive.
  5. dudikuff

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    ok, i Thread i will do that but as u said i try booting to safe by pressing F8 but it did not work i will get a new HDD and do a clean install as u said . hope u do enjoy your weekend bye
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