Build a PC toshiba satellite won't start up

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hey there! my toshiba satellite 1800 system unit won't start up!

its been giving me a lot of trouble since i bought it used 3 months ago. when i hit the startup button, nothing happens. Well the light beside the ppicture of the disk and cd lights up for a minute then dies. Also, afterwards the light on the front that shows the plug in wire begins blinking orange. this happened before a couple of weeks ago and i fixed it by tilting the laptop on its back then restarting in safe mode and everything was fine. At the time, it initially turned off because i picked it up off te table. for a while it would start, but turn off as soon as i pushed a button or picked the machine up. i thought it was a loose wire but then why did starting it up in windows safe mode seem to work last time? i literally shook the thing after to see if there was still a problem and it didnt turn off. this time, it wont even start up at all. the screen doesnt even turn on.i tried undoing all the screws to look inside so i could at least see if something is loose but the top wouldnt come off.

any help is appreciated! thhanks


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Taking a laptop apart is a complicated business and is usually left to the professionals to do!!

A repair shop is about your only option!!


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read the FAQs in the guides forum about laptops not booting.
Could be a bad power pack, dead battery, or switch.
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