Toshiba Stand-alone HD-DVD Player..Way Cheap!

By captaincranky
Nov 18, 2007
  1. Circuit City is offering a Toshiba HD-DVD Player (# HDA-3) for $199.99 , with a mail-in rebate(?) for 5 free HD movies! This offer posted in the weekly circular my area of the USA (S.E. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, and also on the web site (Circuitcity,com). This offer is supposed to be good through Nov. 21 st. I'm not certain if this offer is rain check-able.
    I'm sort of startled that the price on this player has dropped so far, so fast. Don't know how long stock might last, so if this is something you might like to give yourself for Christmas, hurry down to CC and have a look.
  2. SNGX1275

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    I'm not suprised at that price at all. Wal-Mart did a pre-black friday sale at the end of October and sold it for $99, I got one. Now at Wal-Mart it is $198. The only thing special about the CC offer now is that you are basically getting $150 of HD-DVDs for free.
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