Toshiba Unveils 1.8-Inch 60GB Drive

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Aug 5, 2004
  1. Digital music players, subnotebooks and other devices that require very small hard drives will get a welcome boost in the near future, when Toshiba releases a 1.8-Inch 60GB drive.

    Advancements in thin-film technology (used in both the head and platter) are to thank for this boost in capacity for such small drives. This should make it possible for a two-platter drive to hold up to 60GB of data (versus today's 40GB).

    Its always nice to see that portable music players can be made to hold more, and that companies like Toshiba continue to innovate and invent.
  2. SNGX1275

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    IPod surrenders
    /fark reference
  3. Goalie

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    Frankly, I'd rather see CHEAPER portable technology than smaller. I've got a 15gb HD in my laptop right now, and couldn't afford a new HD even if I had a job...
  4. LaYkE

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    Whats good for Tosh is good for Apple!

    Aye Goalie, media like that sadly never gets cheaper.. just obsolete. After working many many grueling years in the hardware trade I can tell you that. Tbh, imo it's not really worth upgrading a lappie. I personally see them like those razors you buy in a packet, use for a while then throw it away and start fresh.
  5. Anyone ever heard of Ebay??? Of course it's worth upgrading a Laptop.. I don't think a new hard drive would cost over 1000 bucks which is what a (decent) new Laptop would cost.
  6. LaYkE

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    Ok I see your point. Let me cover up my obvious loophole and rephrase the statement with "not worth upgrading your laptop with brand spanking new parts". :p

    eBay, nice.... if you have a CC... which I don't :dead:
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