Keyboard / Mouse Toshibap Laptop satelite m35 keyboard problems

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A few days ago I was pressing function keys top get the screen to project on one of those digital projecters. Now my keyboard is all screwed up. Ive tried nums lock and some other things but it wont stop.p I'm computer stupid so please help me.

here is how it types:
4= 4f
6= 6h
f= 4f
h= 6h
k= does something to my internet explorer tool bar.
p =p followed by a space
space bar=p followed by a space


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I dont know exactly what is wrong, but it sounds like you have turned on some type of shorcut system for your keyboard. Sorry i cant be of more help

Eiko Tec

when you press control alt delete then go to processes can you give a list of what is shows, when you have no programs open other then windows?

maybe these a program open in the background messing with the keys
(just a shot in the dark)
Toshiba 6h 4f p k

:mad: My wifes Toshiba Satellite has the exact same problem, after our toddler messed with the keyboard.


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you have your function lock button on. You have to turn it off.

then your keyboard is normal again.


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There should be a button with Fn printed on it on the bottom row Beside the Alt Key. On some toshiba models the button lights up when its active.
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