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Aug 5, 2007
  1. I am running a Raid 0 system on Asus P5k-E motherboard, four SATA 250 gig Wetern Digital hard drives 3.0 Gb/s ,Windows Prof XP,and a Pentium-4 2.9MHZ CPU with 1066fsb. Is there any backup system that would allow me to completely backup this Raid 0, so that if I got catastrophic failure I could get whole system up drivers, bootup, ect with minimum of reinstall work? In other words backup system to hard drives that's it it is running. functional system.
    This motherboard has raid controllers on the board. I want to stay compltely Raid 0 and just have to backup system. Suggestions so far Norton's Ghost or mirror image. It will be backed up twice a week. No valuable data except programs to run telescope and camera.
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    You have fakeraid and you are pretty much screwed.. Yes, you can use Ghost to back up the system, but in order to restore, you would have to have the RAID drivers, which are simply not there..

    If you don't mind running the backup manually and reboot, use any newer (CD-based?) Linux distro to get a snapshot of the disk and then reboot back to Windows.
    Or, put together a bootable Windows CD like this:
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    barring a hardware failure, GOBACK works fine.
    I use it on a raid 0 setup on my home computer.
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    does it work if the system will not boot?
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