Total Network Troubles (IE & COMM Related)

By kolotriha
Jul 6, 2005
  1. Hi
    This is my second thread here , i was so impressed with the last help thought i come back.
    My issue here is probably simple but as i am not very educated in PC'S or NETWORKING
    I Want to install a second puter at home , i ran the silly wisard a few times and i still cant seam to get explorer working on the second puter.
    My system details are in my profile but if need be please ask me.
    After running the setup wiz and i look in MY WORKGROUPS all i see is the master puter , yet the slave puter's lan connection to the master one shows sometimes connected then limited or no connectivity.
    I tried with a HUB also with straight crossover cable straight to slave from master.
    On the master i have 2 LAN connections one being a Marvell Yukon Ethernet controller and the other a network controller.
    On slave puter it has a Intel based intergrated with Wake On Lan.
    Am i doing something wrong here?
    Can anyone please help me with this situation or tell me how to connect a shared internet connection not interested in file shareing yet?
    I did look through some threads but found nothing that resenbles my problem .


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