transfering harddrive (harddrive problem)

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Aug 4, 2007
  1. hey everyone, my mom's computer isnt working correctly. it turns on but it doesnt boot up. nothing shows up on the monitor. she has very important files and links that are saved to her computer that she needs asap.

    my first thought was maybe i could access her computer through the router that we share but other websites told me its impossible without remote connection. and we cannot setup connects or access her computer at the moment.

    i would like to know if it would be a good idea to take her harddrive out and put it into another computer. id rather not put it into my computer (just in case something goes wrong) but my brother has a laptop and could we put her harddrive in his? just temporarily so we can get to those files.

    is that the best idea? to transfer her harddrive? if so is it okay that its going into a laptop and not a desktop computer....
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    You're best bet it to get a 2.5 Adapter for laptop HDDs then you would take that adapter and connect it to a desktop CD-ROM IDE 2 channel 3.5 Ribbon cable goes into the adapter. There you could transfer files off that drive. That's how it's done in IT repair shop. Below cost $6.99.


    can get it off here or try newegg or wherever you want go to a local store to get..

    It also looks like this various version of the adapter

    They all work..
  3. ogdgx

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    thanks. so this should work even though we cant get onto the PC right?
  4. tipstir

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    Well you remove the HD out of the laptop and put that into a desktop pc using the above adapter. You should be able to move files, if they have the same OS.
  5. tipstir

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    If the drive is protected or encrypted then you might have a problem?
    Say the HDD had are hard drive password or you had some sort of permissions lock on the HDD from the laptop. The best bet is to try to see if you can do it with the adapter on a full desktop pc.
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