transfering videos from minidv to laptop

By sourabh
Sep 18, 2005
  1. i have samsung scd353 camcoder(0.67 MP) and have usb cable to tranfer videos. i did not tried transferring yet because of shotage of time. can anyone tell me how much time it take to transfer 1 hour video through usb and how much the size of the captured video. i want to burn cd's with it and also tell me a useful free software to do that.

  2. LNCPapa

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    If it's a minidv camcorder then you will usually import your video at actual play speed. 1 hour of video (normal length of a mini dv tape) will take 1 hour to extract. 1 hour of uncompressed DV is about 13 GB. You'll need to select some sort of output format to transcode to in order to shrink that. That all depends on your needs.
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