Transmeta announces Crusoe sucessor

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Transmeta, which has suffered through a difficult year and a half, is gearing up for a comeback with Astro, a newly designed microprocessor due out in 2003.
Astro, which is being shown off for the first time in a hotel suite at the Bellagio Hotel during Comdex Fall 2002, is the company's second-generation Crusoe processor, an energy-efficient chip for notebooks. It will consume less power than the company's first Crusoe chips, the TM 5000 series, but offer substantially more performance, said Chief Technical Officer David Ditzel.

Source: CNet News.


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I've come to kind of favor Transmeta processors for laptops. The combination of both thermal and energy efficiency works for me :D Not to mention the sacrifice of speed, but Transmeta does a good job of keeping it pretty fast.
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