Trap 00000002

By The_Maestro
Sep 23, 2005
  1. I have a Acer Altos G520 server which we are trying to install SBS 2000 on. We have 4 SATA raid drives which we are using raid 0, so in order to do this we had to purchase an additional raid controller that will handle 4 drives. If this card is used we get and the "TRAP 00000002" error. If we install with just 2 drives connected directly to the board we get no errors and installation goes fine. Any ideas?
  2. RKS

    RKS TS Rookie

    Installing windows onto SATA drive, SCSI or RAID set is a real challenge - even when drivers are supplied you might find that they don't work properly during installation.

    You may find that if you install onto an IDE drive and the install the drivers for the SCSI card (with SCSI connected later) you can the ghost from the IDE drive to the SCSI set, remove the IDE drive and problem solved (Maybe).

    I discuss this problem and the solution in my thread
    How to set up SATA, SCSI, RAID boot drive (workaround)
    This should get you there
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