Trigem IM845GL motherboard Bios Update Problem, Panic stations

By dancingenigma
Feb 5, 2006
  1. I updated the Bios for my Trigem IM845GL motherboard. During the system booted up sequence it displayed the new Bios software screen then just before booting up the operating system (windows xp) it said:

    'A disk read error occurred, please press ctrl+alt+del to restart'.

    I think I might have installed the wrong Bios drivers??
    I have checked the bios to ensure that the hard-disk is the main bootup drive and it is.
    I have reset the bios by moving the jumper blocks leaving them in the 2-3 position for 30 seconds replacing them to 1-2 position. But it did not clear the bios.
    Since the computer came with a specialised company software on two disks by setting up the bootup to be the cd-rom drive and putting in the disk it only has the option of deleting the data on the hard-disk and re-installing all the standard software. I don’t want to loose the data so this isn't a option.
    Can anyone please help as this is really doing my head in!!!!
  2. jimmyagnew123

    jimmyagnew123 TS Rookie

    im845gl motherboard bios

    i have the solution to your problem and can send it to you through an e-mail.
    you have to put the information on a floppy disk and insert it into your computer at the start up then press alt + f2 and this will update bios to the original state.
  3. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    You can use the same drivers from the Intel 845GL site, as the Tri-Gem board is sort of a duplicate of the Intel Board. I hope you are not using a Tri-Gem board out of an eMachines board, as it will not always take any BIOS.
    When you download the BIOS, you will be given a choice to burn it to an ISO disc, or a floppy, or another method. The floppy disc install is the easiest if you have a floppy disc drive. Otherwise, install from a file on the desktop of the board.
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