Triple boot linux/XP/Vista

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Hi all,

I am trying to triple boot using the VISTA boot loader. How would I do this?

Each os is going to be on a separate physical SATA drive.

First I installed XP, then I installed Vista which overwrote the xp bootloader in the MBR.

How do I install Fedora 7 without overwriting the MBR? Do I need to install GRUB on the drive outside of the MBR? Or can I just get away with not installing GRUB at all and then adding the partition/drive to the vista boot loader?

Do I need to copy the linux boot sector? How? I won't be able to get into vista if I don't install grub as the primary boot loader, right?



you have the usual sequence of installs. GRUB or lilo is installed LAST as it
will read the existing boot manager and copy all the data into itself.

it is not uncommmon to see successive boot choices, eg
  • Linux xxx
  • Windows
    • XP
    • Vista
but as i have/will not install Vista, check for more specific details :)


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Ok. so I caved in and installed grub on the MFT, which now means that I have a boot loader like you mentioned above.

My question now is how I can remove the secondary boot loader (vista) from the equation and boot all three OS directly from grub?

(Maybe this should be moved to the linux forum now? )


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I actually went back and reinstalled linux once again, and installed grub to the root partition instead of the MFT, but it seems that it doesn't work properly?

It keeps adding a group volume taking up all of my space except for 100mb of the linux partition (ext3)? I don't really understand what that is, or why I cannot remove it. I cannot even resize it so it seems.

When do this and then attempt to boot from the drive directly, grub does come up but it is pointing to the group volume or something, and does not work.

Is grub being installed wrong? What do I do to get fedora to install grub onto the linux partition on the disk properly?
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